Korngold Cello Concerto

Final edits just came in! My duo partner, cellist Kirsten Jermé, and I did a series of concerts this past Spring in Raleigh, and as a follow-up (call it an encore if you will) we recorded this video. Erich Korngold‘s concerto is such fun to play, and the orchestral reduction is artistic in its own right – it really felt more like learning a virtuosic piano part. We were fascinated to learn this was actually written as a “movie concerto” for the film Deception with Bette DavisPaul Henreid, and Claude Rains, and so being the ever-so-diligent scholars we are, of course we had to have a movie night. Our “research” told us much – melodrama lives galore, on-screen tempi might be less than viable, and Claude Rains can charm no matter what his age. Enjoy this performance, which I am pleased to share with you all!

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