But here God didn’t come. Recording is here!

I’m super excited to share the recording of Ben Justis’ work, But here God didn’t come. I’ve posted it below and on my media page, and I encourage you to also go to Ben’s website and hear some of his other works. I got very excited about working on Ben’s piece after an initial read through with Alyssa and Justin. We all agreed there was something special here, and as we continued to work on it for the premier at Justin’s recital, it blossomed into a work we all felt very connected with. I was reading the graphic novel MAUS (the book that inspired this work) during the time that we were learning the piece, and the dark presence, the haunting elements that Ben’s work evokes and that I also saw in the graphic novel really made a lot of sense to me, connecting the two organically. Alyssa, Justin, and I all got a deep sense of the darkness as we worked on this piece, and I think you can hear it in this recording.

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